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We Install Tile & Stone Flooring In Houston, TX

Tile (both Porcelain and Ceramic) are a popular option for flooring due to their durability, easy care and maintenance, and their aesthetic appeal. Properly installed tile flooring will outlast and outperform most flooring products on the market. They resist stains, dirt, odors and can be cleaned using water and household cleaners.

The Tile & Stone Flooring Advantages:

1. Unsurpassed durability – Porcelain tiles are incredibly strong. You can rest assured that your tile will not show wear and tear in high traffic areas nearly as much as any other flooring product on the market.
2. Visual appearance – Tile provides the home owner with the opportunity to choose from an
incredible amount of different shapes, styles, and colors. This feature allows the home owner to easily match the tile to the look of the rest of their home and create a continuity and flow across multiple materials.
3. Stain Resistance – Porcelain tile is less absorbent than other types of flooring materials. You are very unlikely to experience any staining dye to the spilling of food, drinks, or other chemicals. Unlike other flooring products, home owners will not need to urgently wipe up spilled water. wood
4. Cleaning and Maintenance – A regular challenge to most home owners is keeping their home clean. Porcelain tile is incredibly easy to clean. Typically, tile does not require any polishing, waxing, or sealing and can be cleaned with a damp mop or standard household cleaning chemicals.

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