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Installing carpet is an important and costly decision for any home owner to make. We at Petra Flooring & Blinds want to make sure you understand some of the important benefits of installing carpet, so below are what we believe to be some of the best reasons to install carpet flooring.


1. Warmth and Comfort – Carpet actually provides thermal resistance (R-Value). On colder days, carpet retains the warm air adding to the conservation of energy and the comfort of your home.
On warmer days, carpet actually resists the change of temperature and contributes to the insulation of your home. Besides providing comfort through the regulation of temperature in your home, it also provides a very comfortable place to play, work, sit, relax, and anything else you can imagine.
2. Style and Beauty – There are thousands of carpet styles and colors to choose from giving you the ability to really personalize your home. Carpet can serve as either a neutral foundation or it can serve as the focal point of any room utilizing vibrant colors and strong bold textures and patterns.
3. Indoor Air Quality – Contrary to common belief, new carpet is the lowest VOC-emitting flooring
choice available. Properly installed carpet and padding act as a passive air filter effectively traps
particles, dust, and pollen. Trapping these particles allows them to be removed them from the breathing
zone and conveniently vacuumed up.
4. Cushioning of Slips and Falls – Carpet cushions our footsteps, reduces slips and falls, and minimizes
injuries when falls do happen. It essentially provides safety protection for the whole family, but
especially for toddlers and older individuals. This is the main reason that many homeowners opt to
install carpet on their staircases.
5. Noise Reduction – Carpet works as a noise reducer in the home and an effective sound barrier
between floors by reducing the level of sound transmission to rooms below.

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The investment in your home requires doing business with people who believe that business should be conducted only with the highest level of honesty and integrity. Petra Flooring & Blinds delivers on both. No other flooring company can match us when it comes to the level of precision, transparency, quality of workmanship, and meeting our customers’ expectations.

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