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We install natural stone flooring in Houston, TX

Stone floors are beautiful, natural, and are timeless when it comes to style. Regardless of what type or shape you choose, stone provides a sense of depth and character that exceeds any other flooring product.

Before deciding on a particular kind of stone, we recommend that you visit our showroom so that we can arm you with the knowledge to find the best fit for your application. Different types of stone vary in their strength, porosity, and stain resistance and selecting the right type for your project is just as important to your satisfaction with the floor as the quality of the installation.

The installation of tile & stone flooring is labor-intensive and extremely dependent on a quality installation. Hiring a seasoned, dedicated professional firm like Petra Flooring & Blinds will ensure a proper and long lasting floor. For example, when working with concrete, installers may opt to apply the mortar directly onto the subfloor, however, when working with a wood subfloor it is important to make the right selection that will provide adequate support. If the incorrect support product is used to harden the subfloor, you will experience severe cracking across the floor due to the flexibility inherent with working on top of a wood subfloor.